Sunday 8 January 2012


Ed Murphy, Publisher of Rough Cut Comics, writes:
I NEVER ever believed I’d be in line for any big awards after publishing comic-books for ten years in 2011 … so it came as a total surprise when I discovered I’d be receiving the honour of the ELEVENTH YEAR trophy for completing the decade successfully.
And I’ll certainly be accepting this prestigious statuette and running with it for the duration of 2012.
At this stage, I’d like to thank the writers and artists I worked with in 2011 (Joel Carpenter, Derek Dow, Dom Regan, James Ferris, Colin Barr and Jane Docherty); the designers and printers who pulled our books together with ruthless efficiency; and most importantly, our legion of readers who gave us a substantial foundation for this coming year.
So, what’s going to be happening in this eleventh year?
Well, I HAD hoped to be producing all 2012’s titles in 3D IMAX … but I’ll just have to make do with the technologies currently available.
As a well-known technophobe who point-blank refused to pander to any kind of digital release, Rough Cut Comics will FINALLY have a presence on your smartphone or tablet in the coming months.
We have been successfully re-printing our main titles over the past two years; and now, that back catalogue will be made available to download. There will also be a number of special projects from newcomer writers and artists which will be sold exclusively in the digital medium.
But don’t for one minute run away with the idea we’re giving up on print.
Our first major release of the year will be our big-budget, mega-run return to the 32 page format – AMANDA SWAN: THE HELLFIRE LEGACY, a gothic adventure title produced in conjunction with the British model/actress who featured in The Don of 42nd Street.
This is just the kind of high-profile project Rough Cut Comics was established to produce … and for this; we will be collaborating with Amanda and her specialist team of photographers and stylists to create a huge range of photographs and posters to tie-in with the comic-book.
With the help of her promoters and publicists, I hope you’ll be picking up Rough Cut Comics on your electric razors and hairdryers in the morning … and this certainly will be another key change for the company in 2012.
Our new investors are keen that we grow substantially during this coming year, working with more established writers and artists and building our public prominence.
And this is where YOU can help.
Next time, you’re “talking” about comics to someone you know, simply mention Rough Cut Comics and ask them to go look us up on the web; on Facebook and on Twitter. Encourage them to “follow” us on the social networks.
And they’ll be given the opportunity to see what we’ve contributed to the comics market over the past decade.
Right now, I’m finalising copy for a new-look to our official website and number of press releases which should be going out over the next few weeks.
It’s hard not be excited about the goings-on in the British comic-book industry at the present time. There are a myriad of newcomer publishers joining the medium this year; and the most ambitious new development is the work of UK Comics’ Stuart Gould who is expanding his printing repertoire into a distribution network in 2012.
This year, I’m looking forward to Hi-EX, KAPOW, Glasgow Comic Con, Thought Bubble and the Canny Comic Con (where I may continue to appear as ‘a punter’).
I won’t be giving too much more away at this first blog of the year. But I will tempt you all by promising that they’ll be more tributes to The Man and The King this year … Nuff said for now my friends.