Friday 11 May 2012


SINCE last weekend's Free Comic Book Day, where we gave away ROSE BLACK#0 with all online sales, there's been a huge surge of interest in the company's longest running character. Rose is a 600-year-old bloodsucker … in a world where vampires don’t exist. Intrigued?
The titular character is an amalgam of Marvel’s Black Widow and 2000AD’s Durham Red; a statuesque beauty standing more than six-feet-tall who would be able to turn James Bond into a Vodka Martini Bloody Mary with a single blow
... leaving him shaken AND stirred.
But the heart of the series is reckoned to be a truly original 're-imagining' of vampire mythology … and critics believe it is unlike anything which has
gone before.
When we first encounter Rose, she has been hiding in a French monastery for two decades and is reactivated into the British Secret Service to track down the agents of a sinister cabal hidden within the Vatican … a group whose leader knows what Rose Black truly is.
And we don’t think you’ll see this coming!
The series was created in 2003 by Rough Cut Comics Publisher Ed Murphy and has been developed by a variety of writers and artists, but the key elements have been scripted by Murphy and writing partner Tom Campbell.
The character and style of the series harks back to the creators' love of 2000AD ... circa 1977. The early stories retain that true-Brit style and composition.
The first instalments were compiled into a trade paperback ROSE BLACK: BOOK ONE and last year, the publishers produced an original graphic novel ROSE BLACK: DEMON SEED.
Rough Cut Comics will be re-releasing the ROSE BLACK series at KAPOW Comic Con at the London Business Design Centre next Saturday (May 19).
Rose Black herself and creator Ed Murphy will be sited at Stand 180 in Artists Alley. For further information and more Rose Black artwork, follow Rough Cut Comics’ Facebook page:!/pages/Rough-Cut-Comics/142598199129432

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